IPO is an Initial Public Offering of the stocks on the market.


We offer you:
1. To raise shareholders' equity: as opposed to the credit, it does not have to be paid back or paid interest of;
2. To sell the business in the medium term at an affordable price;
3. To become a public company with a great deal of marketing advantages.


IPO in a simplified form consists of the following steps:

1. IPO conсept development:
- specification of target parameters by issuing volumes and terms;
- picking a market facility for IPO;
- determination of targeted legal structure of OJSC;
- correction scheme of the inner business-processes in OJSC connected to public activities;
2. Preparation of the issuer:
- evaluation of assets;
- audit of the issuer;
- set up investor relations;
- registration of stock issue, prospectus.
3. Marketing of securities:
- public relations;
- arranging of analytical activities;
- management of media and Internet presence;
4. Cooperation with underwriters and professional participants in the process of which terms and conditions on placement of block of shares are being agreed;
5. Support with the trading arranged:
- support in listing process;
- liquidity support.

We aspire to charge on success and that allows the Client to come to the equity market at the lowest cost possible.

Cost of IPO is always individual and depends on a size of the company, kind of business and goals of the company. Charges consist of two parts:
1. Technical cost, including statutory payment (state duty), audit, evaluation, etc.;
2. Service fee paid by issuer's minority stake.

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