Bonds are effective means of attracting external funds. They have several advantages in comparison with other financial instruments, such as bank loans or bills.


Entering the public debt market will permit to increase the value of your company, gain distinction in financial community, reduce the cost of debt financing, profitably close M&A deals, sell a business or a part of it.


Benefits of bonds:

  • opportunity to attract significantly larger fundings (up to 25% of the company's income) compared to bank credit;
  • long-term maturity of bonds (from 2 to 5 years) allows you to replace short-term loans with long-term borrowings;
  • series of borrowings leads to their cost-cutting;
  • bonded loans do not necessarily require pledge;
  • bond issue provides independence from one lender;
  • interest on bonds may be included to the net cost and by that companies are granted tax relief;
  • issuer can control the cost of borrowing by buying securities on the market when they fall in price, and selling them when the price raises.

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