Our company provides services of raising funds on the stock market for micro-, small and mid-cap companies.

Raising equity: IPO/SPO

- Capital raised does not have to be paid back or paid interest of;
- The owner is able to sell the business at an affordable price;
- Liquid shares can be used as a payment in take-over deals;
- Liquid shares can be used as collateral for bank loan; That's right, you will get extra collateral up to the amount of the cost of the company!
- Public company status means numerous quotations in media. PR that you pay nothing for. This provides our clients with great marketing advantages of nonpublic competitors.  

To place your shares on a stock market you need:
- Net assets of business exceed 5 million US dollars.

Cost of IPO/SPO organized with us will be unbelievably low. It consists of two parts:
- Technical cost, including statutory payment (state duty), audit, evaluation, etc. In case the company is well grounded for IPO and IIM sector of Moscow Exchange has been chosen for placement, this cost will amount to about 3 million rubles.
- Service fee paid by issuer's minority stake (charge on success):
* 0,5-3% for companies with more than 1 billion rubles capitalization,
* 3-13% for companies with less than 1 billion rubles capitalization.
Costs depend on a size of the company and actual quantities of work carried out by us.


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Bonded loans


Our company provides services on corporate bonds and residential certificate placement. Bond market allows to raise hsignificant and long-term financial resources for business development.More info...





Asset-backed securitization


If you have liquid delinked assets in your possession we will help you to legally "pack" them into saleable form of closed-end real estate investment funds or OJSC. This is made through securitization.
Securitization is a turning assets into shares. The result of securitization is issuing asset-backed shares that can be traded at stock exchange market.

- sale of asset through carve-out of stocks on the exchange market;
- raising capital for development of asset;
- impairment of capital being raised in case that asset is more investment-attractive than asset holder's business;
- raising capital for much longer terms in comparison with bank crediting; - tax mitigation for asset deals (mutual funds don't pay profits tax).

For the purposes of securitization mutual funds and OJSCs (if asset is actually a business) are implemented.
Assets that can be transformed into shares:
- residential and commercial real estate;
- business (shares, business association stocks).

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