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word logo mini Strategy of Russian financial market development until 2020 N 2043-p 29.12.2008 г. 


Issue of shares, bonds and depositary receipts

Listing rules of CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange (dated November 18, 2013, Major amendments overviewNew!

Order of FFMS of Russia "On the procedure of admission of securities to trading organized" N 13-62/pz-n yr (July 30, 2013) New!

Federal Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation and the Annulment of Certain Provisions of Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" N 282-FZ (as amended on 29.12.2012)

word logo mini Federal Law "On Securities Market" N 39-FZ (as amended on 11.07.2011)

word logo mini Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies" N 208-FZ (as amended on 28.12.2010)

word logo mini Federal Law "On protection of rights and legitimate interests of investors on the securities market" N 46-FZ (as amended on 04.10.2010)

word logo mini Standards of the securities issuance and registration of the Prospectus (dated 25.01.2007 number 07-4/pz-n)

word logo mini List of organizations in which Russian depository may open accounts in order to consider rights of foreign securities for depositary receipts issuing July 28, 2011 N 11-35/pz-n

word logo mini List of foreign of stock exchanges to which securities has to be included to quotation lists in order to issue unsponsored depositary receipts April 27, 2007 N 07-51/pz-n

  Novations in legislation (Moscow Exchange presentation, 2013)

  Amendments to listing rules - new opportunities for issuers  (Moscow Exchange presentation, 2013)

  Listing of foreign issuers' securities (Moscow Exchange presentation, 2013)



Securitization via mutual funds

word logo mini Federal Law "On Investment Funds" N 156-FZ (as amended on 04.10.2010)

word logo mini Regulations on the composition and structure of assets of joint-stock investment and mutual funds N 10-79/pz-n (as amended on 31.05.2011)


On corporate management in public companies

Scheme of information disclosure and regular reporting in CJSC "MICEX" of corporate securities issuers in 2013

word logo mini Regulation on information disclosure by issuers of issuance securities (10.10.2006 No 06-117/pz-n) Attention! Regulation is out of date due to amendments in N 39-FZ. We recommend to use the new regulations.

word logo mini On recommendation to use a corporate governance code (04.04.2002, N 421/r)

word logo mini Methodical recommendations for the structure and form of information disclosure on compliance with corporate governance code (from 30.04.2003)


Detailed information on Innovation and Investment Market

Innovation and Investment Market of Moscow Exchange.

Innovation and Investment Market (iIM) is a new trading sector created in July 2009 by Moscow Exchange in cooperation with ROSNANO. Goals of Innovation and Investment Market:

•creating a clear scheme of capital raising for the high-tech economy sector in Russia;

•building an investment chain: from early stages of financing the innovative companies to IPO

•development of the Public-Private Partnership concept;

The main target group of issuers: high-tech small and mid-cap companies planning to raise capital stock.

iIM consists of three main segments. Each segment is intended for certain groups of investors and companies with different capitalization and stages of business development:

•The iIM sector provides the innovative companies to conduct IPO/SPO and get admission to public trading on Moscow Exchange. Issuer's capitalization for admission should be not less than 50 million rubles and not more than 15 billion rubles. In case shares are issued in iIM sector all types of investors on Moscow Exchange are available for the issuer.

•The iIM-2 is mode for private placements using exchange technologies and listing. MII-2 - mode for private placements using exchange technologies and listing. Secondary trading is conducted between qualified investors (being established by law № 39-FZ "On the Securities Market" or established in accordance with the procedure stipulated by the FFMS RF 18.03.2008N08-12/pz-n "On Approval of the Procedure for recognition a person as a qualified investor") within the framework of trading technologies designed to trade large blocks (negotiated deals mode).

•Information board - web-resource aimed at creating fundraising mechanisms by innovative companies in the early stages of development. As a part of the resource, "buyers" (funds, investment companies, banks, private investors) and "sellers" (funds, investment companies, banks and issuers themselves) can post offers to sell its stake in the company/project and establish contacts for transactions.