In June 2013 SPO (secondary public offering) of OJSC "Levenhuk" will be performed in IIM of the Moscow Exchange. "Levenhuk" is an innovative manufacturer of high quality optical devices, a leading Russian distributor of optical products, which owns the country's largest retailer of optical instruments "Four Eyes". The investors will be offered 10.5% of the authorized capital of "Levenhuk" at the price of 18 rubles during the placement which involves more than 15% discount to the current market value of the company.

What are potential investors? What is the strategy of the company? What goals "Levenhuk" is planning to reach in the medium term? Is the value offered appropriate to the market’s expectations? These were the topics to be discussed by the participants of the conference:

Epifanov Anton, the CEO of "Levenhuk"

Tatiana Krylova , the CFO of OJSC "Levenhuk"

Andrey Gusev, the CEO of the financial group "SMART Securities"

Denis Pryanichnikov, the Head of Innovation and Investment Market of the Moscow Exchange