A conference "IPO in new technologies: are expectations going to be met?" will be run online on May 23, 2012. Andrey Gusev, the CEO of OJSC "SMART Securities" will take part in the event as a speaker.

The event will be held on the trading e-learning portal iLearney from 14.00 to 17.00 Moscow time and will involve new entrants as well as professionals, traders, investors, experts, analysts and brokerage firms representatives. Besides Andrey Gusev, the CEO of OJSC "SMART Securities", the Executive Director of iIM of MICEX-RTS Gennadiy Margolit, the "BCS" financial group representative Mark Sherman, the Development Director of the payment service provider "Money online" Grigoriy Vasinkevich, Andrey Sharkov, the businessman, as well as representatives of companies CoFiTe, "Freedom Finance" and others are going to take part in the conference.

During the online conference experts will discuss tendencies and forecast the development of corporate finance in Russia, evaluate the prospects of current IPOs in the field of IT-technologies and answer the principal questions: Are the investors’ expectations met and is the desire for publicity justified? Thus all visitors of the portal will be able to ask directly the speakers any questions about IPO preparation procedure as well as about benefits and costs of a public company status.

"It is obvious that  investors are interested in promising innovative companies with a clear and transparent business - says the CEO of OJSC "SMART Securities" Andrey Gusev - but also the company itself should be ready for this. We are going to talk about the role of a listing agent in preparations to enter the public capital market during the conference".

Link  — www.ilearney.ru.

You can leave your questions for discussion at the conference.

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