A seminar on "IIM of MICEX-RTS: from start-up to IPO" was held on June 8, 2012 in the office of the North-West Branch of OJSC MICEX-RTS (Saint- Petersburg). Andrey Gusev, the CEO of OJSC "SMART Securities" took part in the event as a speaker.


The seminar was organized by MICEX -RTS Stock Exchange in cooperation with "Ingria" technological cluster of St. Petersburg. The event brought representatives from young innovative companies interested in attracting investments for the development of start-up projects together with representatives of mature innovative small and midcap companies planning to attract funds for business development through exchange mechanisms (IPO). The iIM of MICEX-RTS Executive Director Gennadiy Margolit, the IIM of MICEX-RTS Department Head Denis Pryanichnikov as well as the CEO of "SMART Securities" Andrey Gusev were invited on the seminar as the speakers.

During the seminar experts of the exchange and OJSC "SMART Securities" described the leaders of innovative companies the opportunities in the sector "Innovation and Investment Market of MICEX- RTS" (IIM of MICEX-RTS), examined all aspects of raising equity capital in the securities market for small and medium businesses, elaborated on the mechanisms of fund raising and compensation programs for entering the public market and also presented the practical experience of innovative companies how to to enter the iIM. In addition participants got to know IPOboard platform, which is designed for companies that are in the early stages of development, and is implemented by venture capital market participants with the support of MICEX-RTS, ROSNANO and RVC.