September 13, 2011. Russian stock exchanges indexes are growing amid the increasing risk of default in Greece.

Greek Eurobonds yield hit an all-time high in trading on September 13. Thus the ten-year Eurobond demonstrated 24.8% annual yield, while the two-year bonds yield rose up to 96%.

Greek securities yield growth provoked cheapening of the second in riskiness Italian and Spanish bonds. Investors fear that these countries may fail to pay debts as well as Greece.

As estimated by Bloomberg agency the default risk of Greece is 98% at the moment. Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made an announcement that she would do everything in her power to prevent it. These announcement had no effect on European investors. However the Russian stock exchanges closed in еhe black on September 13. The MICEX index rose by 0.34% and the the RTS decreased on 0.34%.