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"SMART Securities" is a professional company highly competent in the field of IPO organization.

The best team of lawyers — 100% of our clients registers prospectus, 100% of our clients gets listing. Our lawyers even participate in legislation.

The lowest prices — We provide our clients with the lowest prices due to maturity of processes and commitment to result.


Unique competence in security sales — our own active security sales. Sales conducted by the network of brokers and underwriters. And our exclusive special sales technologies that none of the competitors possess.

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IPO background

IPO (Initial public offer) also known as stock market launch is an initial securities sale to a wide range of investors which results in creating the secondary market and stock trading.

The first IPO were held by publicani in Roman republic. Securities of these companies were sold at Forum near Castor and Pollux's cathedral. Price for shares changed very often and this attracted speculators. But when Roman republic was reorganized to Roman Empire popularity of publicani dropped to the floor.

The first modern IPO was organized by "Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie" (VOC) in March of 1602. For the first time equity participation was offered to a public at large and the company managed to collect authorized capital at the amount of 6 424 588 guldens. Each shareholder received extract from the register which was maintained by the company itself. IPO was such a great start for the business that the company became the richest one in the world with hundreds of merchant and military ships and an annual dividend up to 40% of the sum initially invested.

The first IPO in the USA was organized in 1783 by Bank of North America. The Bank became the biggest one in the USA at no time and it is still functioning under the name Wells Fargo.



Looking for a trading facility for IPO?

Top-21 stock exchange markets according to their capacity and liquidity in 2012

Rating Stock exchange Country Headquarters Market cap, billions of US dollars Annual trade volume, billions of US dollars
1 NYSE USA New York 14085 12693
2 NASDAQ USA New York 4582 8914
3 Tokyo Stock Exchange Japan Tokio 3478 2866
4 London Stock Exchange UK London 3396 1890
5 Euronext France Amsterdam 2930 1900
6 Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong Hong Kong 2831 913
7 Shanghai Stock Exchange China Shanghai 2547 2176
8 Toronto Stock Exchange Canada Toronto 2058 1121
9 Frankfurt Stock Exchange Germany Frankfurt 1486 1101
10 Australian Securities Exchange Australia Sydney 1386 800
11 Bombay Stock Exchange Индия Мумбаи 1263 93
12 National Stock Exchange of India India Mumbai 1234 442
13 SIX Swiss Exchange Switzerland Zurich 1233 502
14 BM&F Bovespa Brazil Sao Paulo 1227 751
15 Korea Exchange South Korea Seoul 1179 1297
16 Shenzhen Stock Exchange China Shenzhen 1150 2007
17 BME Spanish Exchanges Spain Madrid 995 731
18 JSE Limited South Africa Johannesburg 903 287
19 Moscow Exchange Russia Moscow 825 300
20 Singapore Exchange Singapore Singapore 765 215
21 Taiwan Stock Exchange Taiwan Taipei 735 572


Top-5 stock exchange markets by the capital raised as a result of IPO in billions of dollars

2010 2011 2012 First Half 2013
Hong Kong ($57.4)  New York ($30.5)  New York ($24.0)  New York ($16.6) 
New York ($34.7)  Hong Kong ($25.3)  NASDAQ ($22.6)  Tokyo ($7.4) 
Shenzhen – SME ($30.2)  Shenzhen – SME ($15.7)  Tokyo ($12.2)  Sao Paulo ($6.6) 
Shanghai ($27.9)  Shanghai ($15.1)  Hong Kong ($11.5)  NASDAQ ($6.2) 
Tokyo ($14.3)  London ($13.9)  Kuala Lumpur ($7.6)  Hong Kong ($4.9) 


5 reasons why we recommend to conduct IPO at Moscow exchange

1. Low cost. There is a working program for compensation of IPO expenses in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
2. Higher marketing advantages. IPO and shares circulation implements numerous references in media. It is more valuable for a russian company that these references appear in Russia.
3. Analytical coverage is more effective in Russia. It is more difficult for foreign analyst in finding information concerning Russian business than local ones.
4. You can place up to 100% of the capital in Russia in contrast to 25% abroad.
5. Russian stock exchange market is the most high-growing and potentially intensive in the world. Moscow exchange hit top-20 although the percentage of population investing in shares is 63 times lower than in developed countries. Our population is emerging to the stock exchange and the flow of new savings to the market is important for IPO success.